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Finding a Fit (and Funding) for Media/Visual Studies and Theory

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I'm new here and was hoping to get some feedback on good fits for someone interested in media studies, visuality, and theory. In particular, I'm looking for MA or PhD programs and faculty that share my interests in the body, visuality, subjectivity, and desire. In terms of approaches, I tend to gravitate toward queer theory (Foucault primarily), aesthetics ( interested in applying Heideggerian notions of worlding to contemporary transnational art), and psychoanalysis. I know there are some obvious contenders out there (NYU, Brown, Duke), but I'm a bit worried because my grades aren't superb and my otherwise spotless GRE scores are lacking in math (possibly not relevant), though I can say with reasonable confidence that my recs and statements will be solid. I also have connections to people in and affiliated with King's College London's Film department and NYU's MCC department, respectively. But, at the end of the day, my goal is to get into a good program and get funding without being stranded in the middle of nowhere (this is for my own mental and emotional well-being more than it is mere nitpicking). Is there any hope of balancing all this? What are my options?


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Have a look at Mignon Nixon at the Courtauld - she is great on psychoanalysis and queer theory! and Alyce Mahon at University of Cambridge. Also University of Essex in the UK might be a good fit. 

I'm applying for film studies PhD this year too, and share your confusion about good programs! My interests are pretty different (urban destruction as mediated through film), but finding programs that are a great fit can be tricky... so far my list only has 2!

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