SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship/CGS Doctoral Scholarship 2017/2018

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I have a question. If you apply for Vanier and/or Trudeau, can you still apply for CRSH-CGS at the same time? 

Absolutely. My institution makes it mandatory actually (i.e., if you apply for Vanier/Trudeau, you have to apply for the regular CGS simultaneously). 

Currently nominated for Vanier and regular CGS.

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Back in May 2017 I was waitlisted for SSHRC, but never heard anything more. I applied again for the 2018 competition, and was informed in December that I didn't make the cutoff and my application wouln't be forwarded to SSHRC.

This afternoon I get an email telling me that I've been awarded a scholarship from the 2017 competition - a Bombardier fellowship.  Moral here being not to lose hope, and that even after almost 8 months on the waitlist miracles can indeed happen.

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