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Low GREs - Psych Phd- Should I even try?

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Before I start I am just curious in knowing the opinions of some of you out there. I am taking my GREs on Wednesday Nov 1. I have been scoring between 150s for verbal and Quant. I have been in the library studying my a** off and no I just dont get it. Verbal requires vocab, and math requires a training of logic! Ive used the best study materials out there- Magoosh, Manhattan 5llb, ETS official, Barrons flashcards..

Here are my stats:

UG GPA- 3.5

UG Psych-3.4

Psych Masters Program- 3.6

Research- 3 years+ 2 research labs in my field - Developmental psychology focusing adolescent psychopathology.

5+ Conference Presentations (2 first author),

1 MA thesis 

2 Recommendations from qualified PhD professors who I worked.

I plan on applying to mediocre programs that focus highly on my research as fit is something I am extremely aware of considering my low stats.

(Most are developmental except fairleigh dickinson.)

Temple University

Fairleigh Dickinson

George Mason

St. Johns U

University of Maryland

University of Michigan- The MSW + psychology program 




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Perhaps this is too late of reply (I just came onto gradcafe this week), but you already have a Masters degree. That's a better indicator than GRE scores and I think grad comms will recognize that. I say go ahead and apply for your programs.

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