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I am a CS graduate from Carnegie Mellon based in Qatar. GPA: 3.1 , GRE: Q: 170, V: 168. I have 2 years work experience setting up and managing Carnegie Mellon Qatar's SMARTLab with the Associate dean, a lab aimed at encouraging crossovers between computer science and other disciplines. I have little research experience, but I have been working with a Computational Finance professor at CMU on using deep learning to create a market making algorithm for the Qatar Stock Exchange (however, no publications). I do have an entrepreneurial streak and was involved in a couple of failed startups as an undergrad, as well as helping a bunch of students co-found an idea for an educational app about financial markets through my lab that recently got a $100,000 angel investment. I am interested in applying for a Masters in Computer Science, but I am unsure as to what programs should I apply for - should it be more applied or thesis-based. I am currently considering applying to CSE at Harvard, and M Eng CS at Cornell Tech. Based on my profile, what are my chances in these programs ? What other programs would be a good match for me?




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