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French senior undergrad wishing for a review of her SoP

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Hey y'all!

So here's my situation: I'm a US citizen but been living in France since I was six. I am also a senior undergrad at la Sorbonne applying to PhD programs of Comparative Literature to seven universities. I know the grad applications are new to most of you, but the entire US university system is new to me and I'm worried I will make dumb mistakes. I have already submitted two applications including my first choice and probably should have asked for advice beforehand, but it's never too late, considering I am applying to other schools i.e. Princeton. 

A friend of mine who's been at Columbia for a semester and who's currently applying to PhDs in Archaeology already helped me a lot and told me my SoP was great, but I'd rather have some of you read it too (especially if you're in literary fields or aiming at one).

Thanks in advance to those who will help me out!

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Hi, Noisette @haselnuss :P 

Thank you for your offer! I will take you up on that. Being the very curious person that i am, would you mind giving me a few hints on who and what you wish to work on? It's always so bizarre to meet a non-francophone person studying French! Although you could be francophone!!

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