Fall 2017 Applicant Profile and Admission Results

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14 hours ago, b_brew said:

So I got accepted to KSU:):) and rejected by UIUC:(:angry:, I'm still waiting on the other schools...the wait is excruciating

I understand the feeling. I'm still waiting on several schools to give me a decision. Two of which are my top choices. At this point I just want to know, regardless of what the decision is. 

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Profile: International student, graduated from a top 50 Computer Engineering school in Brazil, studied 1 year abroad at UCSB and I am currently working on my masters at one of the best programs in Brazil

Specialization: Computer Vision, Machine Learning

GPA: 8.77/10 (undergrad), Still no GPA from grad since it's my first semester

GRE: 161Q / 151V / 3.5A :(

Research: 1 year working on a signal processing/ML project in Brazil, summer internship research at UCSB with publication at CVPR '16, undergraduate thesis on image processing/GPU programming

Work experience: None

Accepted (CS and related only): UCSC without funding

Rejected (CS and related only): None (but I can see it coming)

Waiting (CS and related only): UCSB, UC Irvine, Vanderbilt

Comments: Strong LoRs, one of them being from the professor who was my mentor at UCSB

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Well, accepted to the PhD program at WSU. Talk about a nail biter though. Unofficial notification on the 14th, official notification on the 17th, needed to make a decision by 5pm on the 19th.

Put me in quite the predicament as I had already accepted the offer from BSU since I wasn't expecting to hear back from WSU. I understand there are no legal ramifications of declining an offer after accepting it, but I really didn't feel that great about rescinding my acceptance and I really didn't like the idea of potentially burning bridges so early.

But as I understand it now, while this isn't a common occurrence, it does happen and while it might make some people upset, they probably won't hold a grudge.

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so decisions have finally come in, congrats to everyone that got accepted. I hope choosing between schools isn't so difficult. 

Fall2017....5% loading


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