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Spam here and in City guide :)

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Hi @DBear,

Just for future reference, posting to tell us which forums have spam in them isn't actually that useful or helpful to the Moderating Team. We look for and remove spam each time we log in but, we all have different ways of approaching that (as a recent discussion among moderators revealed). The most helpful thing you could do is use the "Report post" option (by the time of the post) to identify spam for us. But, simply telling us where to look isn't the best option since none of us actually browse the site by going through it forum by forum to read new posts or look for spam. 



P.S. Also, it's Saturday morning, at least in the USA. I have to say that since most of the moderating team is actually working FT, we aren't always checking the forum every twelve minutes like applicants are. Consequently, we may not be deleting spam as quickly as you see it, especially since the bulk of it gets posted in the overnight hours for those in the Western Hemisphere. I hope this helps.

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Got it! Will do! 

Sorry, I've used the report spam function before but don't know why I didn't this time! Thanks for the information :)

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