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Statistics or Data Science PhD Program (Profile Evaluation)

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I appreciate any feedback!

I know my profile is very very VERY weak, I was not aware that I wanted to apply for PhD programs until a few months ago, and I wasn't trying my hardest Freshman, Sophomore year.

However, I just want to know if I have a chance getting into ANY PhD program for Statistics or Data Science. I'd prefer schools in the NJ, PA, NY, MD, DE area!

Please be honest with me, if I have no chance getting into any PhD programs in any school, I need to know! :)

Undergrad Institution: The College of New Jersey
Major: Mathematics with a specialization in Statistics
GPA: 2.8 (this will definitely be above a 3.0 by the time I graduate)
Type of Student: White Female
Upper Division Courses:
Math: Calc III (C), Linear Algebra (C), Probability (C, I'm retaking this class right now and will get an 'A'), Mathematical Statistics/Statistics Theory (retaking this class next semester, will be 'A'), Bayesian and Computational Statistics (B-), Regression Analysis (B+), Multivariate Analysis (B), Design of Experiments (B-)
Next Semester, and Fall 2018: Operations Research, Probability (retaking), Mathematical Statistics (retaking), Real Analysis, Statistics Capstone
Others: Data Management & Analysis (A), Gen Chem (B), Physics (B-), all of the rest are liberal learning classes and I got A's or B's in all of them.
GRE: haven't taken yet.

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: -

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Interning with a government agency, helping them with a project that involved statistical analysis and coding in SAS and R, will be the co-author of a published report.
Letters of Recommendation:
-Two statistics professors (that I've had many classes with)
- My data management and analysis professor
Plan to apply to (Phd Statistics Programs):
Anywhere where I can have some sort of a chance getting in. I need help with researching schools. Is there a good website where I can see the percentage of applicants accepted, average GRE score, etc.
Thank you so much again!!

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I don't think there's a site that aggregates the admit stats that you would be looking for, and most programs don't list these on their website either. I think the best way to get more information is to email some stat departments that you are interested in, and ask for info like percent admitted, size of cohort, average GPA, average GRE, funding, etc. Personally, I asked my stat professor (who was going to write my LOR) about suitable programs and his suggestions were very helpful.

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