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Top MPP program chances?

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Hello, all! I have submitted applications to a number of top Masters in Public Policy programs (Harvard - Kennedy, Duke - Sanford, UChicago - Harris, Michigan - Ford, Georgetown - McCourt, Texas - LBJ)  to enroll in the fall 2017 semester. I'll be hearing back from all of them between mid-February to the end of March. 


At this point I'm just anxious and trying to gauge how competitive my applications will be. Here's my basic profile:



  • Professional experience: almost 6 years working in public education (Teach For America alum, worked on leadership team at a high-performing non-profit charter school, now a recruiter for TFA)

  • Letters of recommendation: 1 from my current manager, 2 from former teammates that I managed. I feel confident that they'll speak well to my passion and credentials for public service and policy.



  • 3.54 GPA from a small, relatively unknown liberal arts college (but decently well respected -- average entering ACT score at the school is a 26)

  • Non-quantitative background. History major in college, only a few quant. classes taken (B in statistics, A in microeconomics, A in intro to computer science, C+ in calculus)



  • GRE scores (all of these fall right around the averages/medians of the programs I applied to):

    • Verbal = 162 (90th %ile)
    • Quantitative = 160 (76th %ile)
    • Writing = 4.5 (82nd %ile)
  • Personal essays / statements of purpose: mostly focused on my privilege and identity as a white, straight male and what I can do to lift the voices and advocate for those who don't share my identities of privilege.


I'd love to hear from anyone who has gone through the process or is also applying now!

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