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Just a simple (and silly) conversation starter. The idea of a friend crush is that you really want to be friends with this person. So, I'll say an intellectual (or scholarly?) crush is a professional who you admire for the work they have produced and who you might "fangirl" over when their name pops up in a book or article you're reading. Is there any historian who you get really excited to read? Aren't surprised when your Jstor results led you to that person? Someone you really want to autograph the book of theirs you own? Finally found a reason to email them and want to celebrate?

This is just an opportunity for people to gush about their favorite historians in an environment that finds such activity totally normal.

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I fangirl hard over

Keisha Blain: https://clas.uiowa.edu/history/people/keisha-n-blain

Mia Bay: http://history.rutgers.edu/faculty-directory/97-bay-mia

Henry Louis Gates Jr: http://aaas.fas.harvard.edu/people/henry-louis-gates-jr

Lyra Monteiro: https://www.ncas.rutgers.edu/lyra-d-monteiro

Miriam Posner: http://www.miriamposner.com

Jacqueline Goldsby: http://english.yale.edu/people/tenured-and-tenure-track-faculty-professors/jacqueline-goldsby

I also fangirl over a few recent PhD graduates, based on their dissertations, and look forward to seeing what they do next. I've emailed a few to tell them so haha.

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James Johnson. The man is brilliant. I have loved every one of his articles that I've read and I have both of his books. I desperately wanted to apply to Boston University for grad school because he teaches there, but when I reached out to him he said he isn't currently accepting graduate students. I may have cried a little bit. He also seems incredibly nice. Even though he didn't have good news for me, he was incredibly kind in his e-mail. I was terrified of contacting him because I was like "Must. Not. Fangirl!" But yeah... His work is amazing.

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