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For those who got 2.6, and only one bad review, seems really worth reapplying and using the comments to improve it! It was my last shot saddly, but I'm sure the reviews will improve my thesis once I r

This is my 3rd time applying, so keep at it for those who are going to resubmit.

Posting to follow for the latest cycle. Applied in Nov 2020. Anyone else here?

For digital posterity: I also received approval on April 30.

Also for digital posterity: I applied for the Post-PhD Research Grant. It looks like all the forms, procedures, and timelines are identical for both the Post-PhD and the Dissertation Research Grants.

Finally for posterity, as it seems other applicants may have similar experiences: Reviews were visible long before news of approval appeared, and they were not universally positive. I was surprised by some negative comments made by reviewers, which a.) asked for information that I felt I had clearly given in the application; or b.) seemed to contradict the stated goals of the W-G Research Grants. This leads me to guess that W-G doesn't simply accept the reviews at face value, but actually reviews the reviews.

Good luck to future applicants, and especially good luck to all applicants who will put in the labor of resubmitting.

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Hey everyone, 

sorry if i missed this but I was wondering about the length of responses you submitted for each question. I didn’t find a suggested length for the questions - should these be around a page or two? Or shorter? 

Any help works - thanks! 

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Second-rounder for 2019-2020 cycle -  received an email that they are going to 1) delay Round-2 decisions until August 2020, 2) fund an even smaller number of projects, likely those with non face-to-face methods. But they are also going to ask reviewers to "evaluate your proposals in light of the times in which you wrote them." This is strikes me as contradictory. If they're evaluating them that way, why are they delaying it till 08/20?  Couldn't they just have evaluated them, decided on funding, and delayed conferring the funding until it's safe to do participant observation? frustrated. 

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6 hours ago, lemepris said:

No email yet but on the portal it now shows the 'Last Edited' date as Feb 10th

You mean when you click "preview" button you see "last edited" date? Mine is February 9th:)

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