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Wenner Gren

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3 minutes ago, localjustice said:

Just out of curiosity, what score did you get?


I had one positive-only review and two good enough reviews that also pointed out methodologial shortcomings and suggestions for improvement. It was a ressubmition, and last round the first version of my proposal got a 3.67. So definetly reapply if this was your first try.

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For those who got 2.6, and only one bad review, seems really worth reapplying and using the comments to improve it! It was my last shot saddly, but I'm sure the reviews will improve my thesis once I r

This is my 3rd time applying, so keep at it for those who are going to resubmit.

We'll know by April 16 for sure (two weeks before the May 1st deadline). But yeah, the wait is killing me...

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