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Issue with submitting results on survey

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Hello! I'm having trouble submitting results on the survey page. I filled out everything required correctly in "Submit your Results" but after I submit, I get a blank page with an error message at the top "Could not open socket", and my submitted results aren't available when I search them. I was wondering if there is a current glitch with the results section? Thank you for your help!

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4 hours ago, BlueNahlchee said:

Whew, glad to see that I'm not the only one experiencing this... I've seen a lot of error messages on internet, but I've never seen "could not open socket" before haha.

It's an error with communication sockets. Pretty much all internet communication is done with Berkeley Sockets. My guess is that it's a problem with ReCaptcha. Every time I've ever seen this happen it's been when building web apps that use ReCaptcha. Could be wrong though. I by no means have seen every error message that every piece of software can generate. 

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