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UConn Hobson application question

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I'm wondering if anyone who has applied to UConn can give me any information on how the application on the Hobson (apply yourself) portal still says "incomplete." I am positive that we only had to submit our recommendation letters through CSDCAS and not Hobson as well. However, I am paranoid about how the Hobson application has been listed as incomplete (due to missing recommendations) for so long. I thought that they would have at least overrode the system by now, since at this time last year, people were being notified of acceptances.

Going off of that, does anyone have any information on when we might hear back? I was expecting to hear back around now because of the grad cafe survey results from last year. But maybe because this is the first year UConn is using CSDCAS, they won't be notifying us until March.

Thanks for any insight you guys might have!

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52 minutes ago, kate775 said:

I would be concerned that yours says incomplete. Mine has been completed since December 2. As far as hearing back I thought we would have by no too. I am impatiently waiting...

Thanks for your response! I'm surprised yours says complete. You didn't send the recommendations to both places, did you? I know of two other people whose applications say incomplete as well.

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