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UMich MSE Mech vs Berkeley MEng IEOR

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I want to go into industry after my masters. I have a couple of questions, seriously torn between the two options. Both Berkeley and Michigan are my dream schools :/

a) Do employers view a MEng differently? Is the one-year duration a handicap for a student fresh out of undergrad, in that is it harder to secure a job? Also, wouldn't the technical depth of the program be less as compared to that of an MS?

B) Is the Berkeley tag, alumni base and industry exposure superior to that of Michigan?

c) Are there enough jobs in Mechanical Engineering in the US? IEOR seems to be the safer bet.

P.S. I'm an international student. Thank you!

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For Berkeley, You should only choose Meng if you are comfortable spending that kind of money and are confident that you can land a job in 10 months with curriculum. Also, remember the cost of living in California is exorbitantly high, so it would take a lot of time to save and repay student loans. Congrats on your admits!

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