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Has anyone heard back from Trinity College Dublin's Doctoral program in Counselling psychology?

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I was originally not going to apply for grad school this year as I wanted work experience. However, a last minute decision saw me applying for TCD's doctoral program in mid-march. I know its hardly been 3 weeks but I am freaking out. I mean, this is Trinity! and its a doctoral program. Has anyone been on this program so far? I just want to know if i even have a chance :P

My undergraduate G.P.A is 3.98/4 which is good, but my only work experience is a 1 month clinical internship and a 1 year part time counselling internship. I just graduated in December and have never been employed as a psychologist. I have also held leadership positions including a semester as the president of the psychology club of my college. I know this is a decent profile for a masters program. However, I am freaked out as this is a professional doctorate and I applied late. Also, I heard that these programs usually take into account the age of the applicant (maturity: I heard they prefer candidates to be at least 23 years old) and I am worried as I only turn 21 next month. 

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