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Has anyone been to/ know anything about the United Nations University in Tokyo? I have applied to the MSc in Sustainability 'UNU-IAS', but I'm finding it a tough time to find alumni to speak to. 

Surprisingly the university is rated at 1000+ in the world as a university (or not mentioned at all in all the major rankings) but 6th in the world as a think tank. Does that mean its teaching quality is high/ its a good idea to do a post-grad there?

- Is it a good experience to study there? 

- Does it set you up for a global career? 

- Is the teaching staff well reputed?

Any comments, opinions or speculations are welcome!

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Hi Meghana Sdid you end up going to the UNU for your Masters? I am thinking of applying for the PhD in sustainability Sciences and finding  it though to find graduates. I am also not sure about few things such as how the curriculum is broad and don't offer technical majors as well as the tight scholarship offer for a very expensive metropole such as Tokyo, this in case ones got the scholarship. 
Your reply is very much appreciated! 


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