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So I'm submitting for a conference that is in spring 2018. As of right now, I'll graduate with a Masters in May and have accepted a position for the PhD at another institution in the fall. So I'd be a member of the new school at the conference. I plan on listing the new school as my institutional affiliation but was unsure about putting it on the one page CV required with submission. I wasn't sure if it would look strange laid out like the below sample:

Some PhD Program at This School Fall 2017-May 2022 (Expected)

Some Masters at This School Expected May 2017

BA at School May 2015


Thoughts? Input? Thanks!

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I would do something like: 

Some PhD Program at This School: Fall 2017 --

Some Masters at This School: May 2017 (expected)

BA at School: May 2015

But really your formatting is fine, too. It just needs to be clear what your affiliation/education are like. 

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