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New list of grad programs that don't require GRE

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OSU (Oklahoma State University) does not require the GRE. Some universities have lower requirements. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) minimum GRE requirement is a 294 total score, however, the English Department requires a 308 if one is applying for a fellowship. I looked at department sites carefully, in addition to grad school sites. Sometimes departments will have additional requirements over and beyond the grad schools. I copied everything about each university I was interested in, into one document that I organized by Application Due Date rather alphabetically according to university. It was very handy when I was preparing the actual application. It's good to organize your work for the applications. I created a folder titled 2017 PhD Applications. Inside that folder I had folders for each university where I kept SOPs tailored to each university and various other things. I had one school I attended as undergrad many years ago that required a written request emailed to them requesting transcripts be sent to each school. Everyone is different in what works for them, but when you are applying to a number of programs, this is what worked for me.

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According to their website OK State *DOES* in fact require the GRE for their master's in SLP. They recommend "a combined verbal and quantitative GRE of 296; a verbal GRE of 153; and an analytical writing GRE of 3.5".

The PP seems to be talking about doctoral programs in English Lit so I think she accidentally posted on the wrong subforum.

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On 2/22/2018 at 9:49 PM, whenigrowup said:


This might be a long shot but does anyone have a list of SLP programs that are online and don't require the GRE?


This is a list of Speech programs. You can narrow down the distance learning programs and check out their requirements. I think I found at least 10 distance learning programs.  Hope this helps.

If you make a list of schools that don't require GRE scores let me know. :)


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