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I've been accepted into two good schools.

NYU : Masters in Biotechnology & Entrepreneurship at the Tandon School of Engineering

Brown University: Masters in Biotechnology. 

I'm facing a very difficult time deciding between these two. I am also going to be an international student. Any advice on this regard would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you! 

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Hey Mad Hurangesa,  I'm an engineer in Manhattan working in biotech upper managemnet.  Just accpeted for Phd in bioeng to NYU.  I went to UPenn for A.M. in biotech.  I recommend NYU over Brown.  Brown's location is not ideal.  The closest activity is over an hour away in Boston.  NYU is in the middle of everything the US has to offer.  It's probably the best city in the world and once you get your network built and friend group going it'll be far superior to Providence, Rhode Island or Boston, MA.  When I lived in Philly for my A.M. I did not have an easy time with friends or networking b/c of the small size of the city.  The people were not open minded towards outsiders and I imagine in the new Trump era that's only got worse.  NYC is the best place in the world especially for an out of towner at this time in the political mess and red states and small town mentality that's feasting on our freedom.

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