Summer Plans / Routine?

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Spring term is now officially done (at least in most North American schools) and Summer term has begun. I'm just curious how people plan to structure their time over the Summer. I know some people really like to get into a whole different mindset in the Summer months and read, write, etc. -- especially if they aren't taking classes.

Myself - I'm finishing up 2nd year of my PhD, so I will be doing RA work 10 hours a week and spending the rest of the time reading, writing, and finalizing my ethics application. How about all of you? Planning to get into a different routine this Summer?

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Unfortunately I will be starting back this summer (stupid prereq!) but I have a two part plan for this summer since I'll start my PhD this fall:
Part 1: Brush up on my stats knowledge for my fall class, read relevant research journals to get some ideas flowing for my first year project, connect with my new cohort

Part 2: I've actually created a "state bucket list" so I can hit up all of my favorite local restaurants/bars/shops/attractions before I move. Also spend as much time as possible with my family and friends and go on a couple mini trips here and there before the insanity begins :P

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