Online student looking for LOR from professor

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Hello everyone, 

I am an online student and am interested in asking a professor for a letter of reference. I did really well in her course and believe she wouldn't mind writing a LOR for me. I kept in contact with her throughout the course by emailing her quite often with several questions. Other than email, there have not been any other ways of contact with one another. We have not met each other in person and I have not attended any of her office hours.

I'm curious, is it appropriate, and okay, to ask a professor who teaches online courses for a LOR? I'm not really afraid of her possibly saying no. I just don't want her to not be able to because she has not met me in person and only knows about me through email communications. 

If appropriate, would it be okay to ask for the LOR through email? I normally ask for letters in person, but since email is my only option with this professor, I just want to make sure it's professional and acceptable. 

Please let me know what you think. I appreciate any feedback!

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