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One of my mentors informed me that all I needed was a Bachelors Degree to work in schools (they only have it labeled as SLP but min requirement is bachelor's), similar to a SLPA job. 

Any fellow Idahoans out there that have been through this process or are considering this?

I'm curious to know how it works and what it's like. 

Thanks for the help

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I can't speak from experience but only what I learned in grad school about SLPAs during our professional practice class. They need to work under supervision of an SLP and have limitations on what they can treat (mainly artic). Paperwork, testing, all other treatment needs to be a qualified SLP (with master's degree). Here's a link to what ASHA says is required in Idaho. http://www.asha.org/Advocacy/state/info/ID/Idaho-Support-Personnel-Requirements/

But if I'm understanding your post your mentor is talking about jobs besides SLPAs that only require a bachelors (they can be called aide, assistant, or tech too)? I want to add that even if schools don't require a master's and call it an SLP, having only a bachelors doesn't qualify anyone to call themselves an SLP or sign as such. There's so much to learn to be able to practice ethically, which is why a master's is required, even if places are desperate to have the job filled. And ASHA would not certify you as an SLP. My cohort talked about this a lot even in the first semester and agreed how hard it would be to take on a caseload without having gone to grad school. At least as an SLPA/SLT you have a certified SLP supervisor. 

Anyway, basically the only process I'm aware of is becoming an aide/assistant (check the Asha link) or getting your master's. 

(I hope that makes sense. I'm just going off what it looks like your mentor is saying (are they an slp?) Feel free to clarify if I misinterpreted. :) )


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