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2017-2018 Application Cycle

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I got into Maryland Holy shit I thought I was going to strike out. I'm so freaking happy right now. I actually don't have to go back to Japan now to do PhD work.

She said Yes!!! She is Yale. Claiming an admit, slightly hysterically.  Edit: notified by POI email. 

^ Seek professional help. That goes for anyone that is expressing significant depression symptoms, and definitely suicidal thoughts. Your mental health is way more important than god damn gr

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2 hours ago, JMCrawfordNJ said:

Tell me about it. With each passing day this week I've been checking more and more. I'm at "do anything else to distract myself" levels.

I'm also at "do anything else to distract myself" levels, which has manifested itself into me trying to recreate desserts from the Great British Baking Show....

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9 minutes ago, sfirus93 said:

Ahhhhhh... two more days in this level of anxiety? Just reject me already (I am just kidding please don't... please)

Just sit and listen to Say Something (I'm giving up on you) on repeat all weekend; that's what I'm doing! B)

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I think the hardest part about this part of the cycle is that in three weeks time a lot of us will know mostly everything. I expect to hear from at least six of the nine schools I'm still waiting on in that timeframe. Three weeks usually seems like no time at all, but right now it feels like an eternity.


Also it was nice when we were only seeing acceptances, but now that we're seeing rejections, that just makes me more anxious.

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The final couple of hours on a Friday are miserable while waiting to hear back! As each hour goes by I look further west.

I'm getting the feeling that we can expect most schools to be a couple of days later than previous years for whatever reason.

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