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2017-2018 Application Cycle

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I got into Maryland Holy shit I thought I was going to strike out. I'm so freaking happy right now. I actually don't have to go back to Japan now to do PhD work.

She said Yes!!! She is Yale. Claiming an admit, slightly hysterically.  Edit: notified by POI email. 

^ Seek professional help. That goes for anyone that is expressing significant depression symptoms, and definitely suicidal thoughts. Your mental health is way more important than god damn gr

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15 hours ago, csantamir said:

Has everyone accepted or waitlisted been contacted by Notre Dame? I haven’t so presume I’m out.

I mean, I guess we don't know, since that's kind of like saying 'raise your hand if you aren't here' ;) ND technically does admissions until April, although those who receive an admit after a certain point were likely on the waiting list prior to that... not sure when that 'certain point' actually is. 


In other news, I propose that everyone waiting on Chicago makes it a point to actively expect acceptances NOT to be released this week. Otherwise we'll have to admit we can't actually control the outcome by ourselves, and I'm not ready to do that yet. 

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35 minutes ago, PoliSci-freak said:

Congrats! Which program? MRes/PhD in Political Science in the Department of Government? Did you have an interview?

Thank you! No and it was an MSc program (I applied to a lot* of PhD level programs and a few MA level)--no word on funding though (though I doubt it's going to be much) but I'm prioritizing my PhD applications anyway, so it's fine

*too many, in retrospect

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4 minutes ago, CandyCanes said:

Was it to check the portal or just a letter of acceptance attached?

It's a letter so I would wait for a while and keep an eye on that inbox. Fingers crossed for everyone else here that applied as well, I'm wishing you all the best.

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Waitlisted at Brandeis. Somewhat surprised because they sent me recruitment emails, but also not that surprising given that their website says they accept two to five applicants every year.

Accepted: Notre Dame, Missouri, Colorado, UC Irvine

Waitlisted: Brandeis, WashU-STL

Rejected: Michigan, Princeton, Univ. Of Washington

Pending: USC

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