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Hi everyone,

Please don`t judge me or make fun of me...I`m extremely stressed right now...

So, there was a girl I was dating. She is an American citizen. Just so you get an idea, we had very high level of intimacy. Although it`s been like 1 month. Skip the part in Italic if you dont have time to read.

Anyway the whole story is very long. But keep in mind that I never ever sent her any message containing sexual content, or threat, or harmful, or abusive words, or swearing. I was always polite. Now things changed I ended up with her threatening me to get "restraining order" against me and then she said she will go to police(I`m not sure if for "restraining order" or to file charges against me) because I was sending her too many messages. Now, first of all I stopped texting immediately after she said "stop texting me". But then I sent a message on facebook, because we were still friends and she liked my picture after we stopped talking. And when I sent it I apologized for disturbing, I was asking just to tell me the reason why we broke up and then she started replying but in some of her messages (like twice I guess) she again threated me that she is going to police. And I said several times that no need to go to police just block me and that way I will know that you`re completely done. And then I didnt send any message, I just posted on facebook a status that was visible only to her, explaining some things that happened between us and also asking her not to go to police because I will be deported, but just to block me if that is what she wants. And then the next day she blocked me.

Now I feel really stressful because I wonder if she went to police, did she ask for restraining order? or did she file a charge against me?

So, I wonder what can happen to me as an international student? I`m really stressed and I don`t know whom to talk and whom to trust. I didn`t mean to harass her on anything, she kept replying me, so I assumed that we are talking. If she files a charge, is it called "online harassment" or what? And what can happen in worst case? Will I get deported? sent to a jail in the US? or community service?

Please when you reply, try not to hurt me, because I was literally crying all day, I`m looking for relieving words, relieving piece of information

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I'm not a lawyer, and there may be particular things that are good or bad in your state's courts, but if you backed off when she said to, you ought to be OK, since the records of the text/email/Facebook conversations show no actual threat.



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4 hours ago, oqowa said:

One thing is that I deleted all the text messages because I was really sad..

It doesn't matter. Everything you text is for ever recorded. I also think that if you have legal questions you should ask them to a legal councilor. I assume that if a restraining order was indeed filed, then you would have received a notice. It seems like a bad break up, but it is undoubtedly stressing you so I would seek professional help from -again- a legal councilor to explain to you how things works and what to expect, and maybe also from therapist to help you develop tools to deal with this type of stress (that is, the stress caused by the fear of something 'worse' happening to you because you are an international student). 

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