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I didn't see any forums for performance studies PhD programs beginning in Fall 2018.... probably because I'm the only one overly excited to be posting this early!  

I'm applying to quite a few schools.  Columbia and Northwestern are my top picks.  Just hoping to find a few other friends who might want to drive themselves nuts with me on this forum for the next twelve months! Ha!  

I'd love to know where else you are all applying.

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I applied to a handful of MA/PhDs and have heard back from Ohio State (rejection) and University of Maryland (acceptance). I know UMD doesn't do interviews too often, but it's interesting that some ha

Congrats on UCLA, @ubernerd!  That's exciting news. @mariahjewelalanis I applied to UC Davis and haven't heard anything from them either.

No, nothing from any of these places for me cause I didn’t apply to them.  @mariahjewelalanis were you notified by Berkeley to check your status or did just go on your account?  Good news just ca

Are you all planning to visit alll of the schools or maybe your top choices prior to applying?  I'm trying to balance funds with the need for information (as well as my own excitement ).  Just wondering if you think that a site visit has much effect on admissions.  My sense is that any benefit would be very little, but Who knows.

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The important thing to consider when it comes to that is how much the visit itself will cost.  When I was deciding on schools for last application season (I actually ended up going with a standalone MA program rather than a joint MA/PhD program), it wasn't economical for me to visit most of the schools that were high on my list (I live near Little Rock, AR).  For me, a $50-$150 application fee was cheaper than travel and accommodations.  Because I was also applying to some Playwright MFA programs, I ended up just applying to far more than most people I know.  

However, that ended up being a blessing in disguise.  I was not accepted to a few of the schools I would have visited otherwise.  I had already been in touch with some faculty and students throughout the application process, but once I began getting my acceptance letters, I reached out to more current students in those programs (via FB or department-listed email addresses).  Ultimately, I planned a road trip of sorts during Spring Break to visit my Top 4 schools and made a second trip to visit the 5th on the list. 

I think that process worked well for me, and I expect to do something similar when I begin applying for PhD admission next year.  I was able to eliminate several schools just from the conversations with students and faculty in the wake of admission (whether it be due to artistic, financial, faculty, or academic reasons).  I'm extremely glad I didn't make visits prior to applications. 

However, the one caveat I might provide is that I already had established communication channels with most of these schools.  If I were just a name they were seeing for the first time on an application, that may have been a different story.

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On 8/19/2017 at 11:22 PM, arachnospores said:

I've just started the search for PhD Programs for Performance Studies myself! So far my top choice is Northwestern - also on the list is Brown, but that's about all I've settled on so far. I'm curious - are you applying for MA/PhD or just PhD? I'm finishing up an MFA now in music and have been mulling over which would make more sense for me.

I'm only applying to PhD programs, or those who get MA on their way to PhD's.  I have my MFA in Directing, so I don't need a duplicate MA.  Northwestern is also on my list, but I think UCSD and Columbia are my two top choices.  


For what its worth, I did end up visiting the schools that I am applying to and I am really glad I did.  I got a much better sense of the program, and was able to make tweaks to my SOP because of it.  I also feel it helped to put a face with a name/application, although maybe thats just in my head.  

I'm trying to prepare a list of questions for any interviews I might get. What are the questions you all are going to ask?  Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

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I have applied to three MA/PhDs in PS and one terminal MA in PS. I haven't heard back from anywhere either, but some of the application deadlines were pretty recent so I guess the admissions committees are just getting started with their process.

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There was someone on the results list that had an acceptance from Berkeley after an interview. Congrats on your interview at Stanford PhillyJr! I'm glad to hear nobody else has heard back from Northwestern or Brown. I also applied to Columbia and NYU, but I don't expect to hear back from either until later in the season.

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Hi all, I'm glad to have found this thread.  I've applied to both theatre and performance studies PhD programs.  For those who got Northwestern rejections - did any of you apply to the interdisciplinary theatre program, or were those all performance studies?
I'm waiting on UC Berkeley as well, but I'm assuming it's a rejection, since they've already done interviews/acceptances.

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