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What is your experience? (TU Munich!)

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Hello everyone!
I am a brazilian and I am applying to the Computational Mechanics Master at TU Munich. I am currently waiting for the results, that will problably come out in the middle of the next month. 
I would like to receive reviews about chances of getting admitted at TUM with my profile. Any repply would be very appreciated.
> 2 yr Technical Mechanical Course (Vocational) - 82,46/100 5 year Bachelor (Yes! we study 5 years in Brazil to get our bac. diploma) - 7,88/10 (5 is the minimum note);

> 2 Semesters as exchange student (received a scholarship) at Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau: participation in the bilingual (german/english) Master Automotive Enginering and Management course - just as exchange student, without master degree certification and no CGPA was given but I calculated it and its arround 1,8 in the german system) -> done also a small literature research about uses and perspectives of fuel cells).

> Scholarship as teaching assistant for Mechanical Fabrication while doing the technical course, 4 months.

> Intern for 6 months at Audi AG in Ingolstadt, Germany, Resistance welding development area (Preparation of reports, tensile tests performance, robotc welding, welding quality assessment, etc)

> Currently I am working as intern in the innovation engineer position in a local company doing CFD and FEM analysis since december 2015. (oil and gas company). (2 projects: centralizers parametric study according to API standards and Sucker-Rod pressure drop evaluation ( k-e and k-w SST turbulence models)

> Language skills: German B2, TOEFL 92, Italian basic, Portuguese native.
Thank you in advance
Regards from Brazil!
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