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Applying to MSc in Biostats but concerned with coursework requirements

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Institution: Top 10 university (undergrad & grad)

Major: Molecular Biology BS; Microbiology MHS

GRE: Haven't taken yet

GPA: Undergrad: 3.4; Grad: 4.0
Relevant courses: Statistical Reasoning I & II (basically intro stats for public health masters); Data Science specialization Coursera - JHU (Mainly stats, regression models, etc.)

I'm hoping to go back to school, mostly in a public health/biology context, for another Master's to develop a more firm statistical background. I've been working in research and I'm planning on doing some data/statistical analysis with our datasets this fall before I submit an application. I feel like I'm in a weird situation as I haven't had much of a math background during my undergrad and some light stats background during my initial Master's program and am relying on work/research experiences and online coursework in analytics. I'm particularly concerned about the calculus/linear algebra requirements as I waived my calculus requirements via AP courses in college and had more applied stats coursework post-college. Should I try to enroll in some math courses part time (mainly Linear Algebra I suppose. Jumping straight into a Calc III equivalent maybe a bit out of my league for now)

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Given your previous schools, i'm assuming you are looking for a well ranked program, which will most likely require multivariable calc and linear algebra. 

Are u planning to apply this year? Don't think you have time to take both of those.

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