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Soros Fellowship, 2018-19

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Looking at previous forum topics, it seems like there are a few people every year on here applying for this highly competitive fellowship. I'm thinking of applying, and so wanted to build a community here with others to share our experiences.

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Its so ridiculously competitive that I'm going to apply but wont hold my breath this cycle but its important for everyone applying to know that many people don't win it their first try. So do your best but don't stress too much!


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3 hours ago, poliscibi said:

Here's info from a previous years' thread on a timeline: 

Seems as though some people found out by jan 5th last time. I feel like its going to be within these holidays that they'll let us know. I guess we'll check back in a week or 2? 


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Appreciate the update man. I am not gonna be disheartened with a rejection however as I know I gave it my all in my application. As in, even if I had the opportunity to apply again, I have no idea how I would've changed anything.


best of luck to everyone though I know yall are all very driven!!!

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