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Hello there:)

this is my first try on Issue essay. I would love to hear an opinion from GRE expert.


Thanks in advance.

The issue topic claims that all parents should be required to volunteer time to their children’s school. Even though I can see the positive outcome of the parents’ involvement in their children school life, I disagree with the statements’ imperativeness.

First of all, even though the school setting often considers that the children education should be a cooperation between the school’s staff and parents of the child, often times the thin line between these two entities is being disrupted. For example, overly controlling parents might assume roles that are inappropriate for the school setting, involving punishments and verbal restrictions toward their child. I think school should be a safe and stress-free environment where the child is protected even from their own parents control. From my experience, I can surely say that my mother’s frequent visits to my school gave anxiety and stress even though she had the best intention.

Furthermore, parents’ frequent visits to school can create a drama with the teachers and other parents. For instance, coming from a very traditional background where the parents had special commissary meetings during school time, the arguments and monetary issues were often created. That would form some tension between the parents and would manifest itself in the relationship of the children.  Moreover, the situation would get even stickier, when the personnel of the school got involvement in the issue. So, if keeping the parents away from school would ensure a peaceful environment for a child, then it is a good idea to keep it that way.

Finally, it is a good idea to use the parents’ influence on the children outside the school to reinforce the knowledge gained during their education. Seeing the parents at school every time, would cause carelessness in the part of the child. For example, when I saw my mother was at school I was sure she would find out about my homework and what I was supposed to do at home. So, I would be careless when listening to teachers or recording the assignments into my journal. However, if I knew my mom was not in the school and she cannot record the assignment for me, I would be extra attentive and would not want to disappoint her when I get home.

All in all, while there are some positive outcomes in regard of parent’s involvement into their child’s school affairs, I disagree with the statement that parents should be required to volunteer time to their children’s schools.


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