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Chances for Poli Sci Ph.D

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I strongly disagree - this varies from department to department. Some schools are very quantitative and others are less so. I would imagine they judge scores based on the focus of their own department...

For schools like Berkeley - schools with strong theoretical and quantitative backgrounds - I would imagine they put it on the research interests of the applicant. Granted, your scores must be pretty high in general to get into Berkeley... but if you are planning to study game theory or empirical correlates of war then they probably pay attention to your math, whereas if you are studying something like the social impact of political reform in West Africa then I don't think this is the case at all.

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Unless you're prospective field is political theory, the quantitative score is by far the most important. Political science is highly quantitative. Lots of stats and mathematical modeling.

Sorry, my former comment was actually directed at flyingwalrus... I didn't quote.

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