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No Education Department at University of Chicago

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It's so weird, because that is where so many famous curriculum theorists worked and studied. I want to apply to UoC, but I want to study Curriculum and Instruction at the PhD level. I have a background in English, but their English dept. is very selective, even for me with good stats. 

Anyone have ideas of what department at University of Chicago would allow me to study Curriculum and Instruction?

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I am applying to Northwestern and perhaps UIC. I want to straighten my chances of getting into a school in Chicago. Perhaps there are still students studying education at UoC even though there is no formal dept...?

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You might be able to study education from a historical or sociological perspective, but I doubt that curriculum and instruction would be a good fit for any program outside of an Education department. Since Chicago closed their school of education nearly 20 years ago, it seems that education research is not the university's priority. I personally wouldn't waste the money to apply when there's absolutely no fit at all. 

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