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Should I attend the Chicago School Of Professional Psychology - DC Campus?

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I will be finishing up with my MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology this summer.

I have wanted my PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology for a long time now. This has been my goal since I was a sophomore at my undergrad institution.

I applied to about 10 PhD programs for the Fall 2017 school year, but I was only admitted into one school. This August, I am supposed to start my PhD in Business Psychology with a concentration in I/O psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology - DC campus.

I asked a couple of undergraduate and graduate professors about the school, specifically their Washington D.C. campus, and I was told by these professors that it is a reputable school.

I have my doubts. I am wondering if anyone has graduated with their PhD from their DC campus. I have heard that only a few of the campuses are reputable, and one of those campuses is the DC campus. I would like to hear from people that have either specifically heard about the Business Psychology program or attended the program. Furthermore, I am also concerned with the title of the degree. The degree is typically referred to "I/O psychology" and not "Business Psychology". I know the term is sometimes used in other countries, but here in the United States I have only heard the field be referred to as Industrial/Organizational Psychology. 

I am in a dilemma, and I am trying to figure out if I should just go ahead and go, or would it be better to just re-apply to PhD programs for Fall 2018.  

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