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Hello, everyone!    I am a devout gradcafe lurker, who has finally decided to apply to HGSE!    I have attended two HGSE Diversity Recruitment evengs, and have talked to dozens of HGSE

Hi all! Crossing my fingers for all Master's applicants as they await the admissions decisions. I found out a couple of weeks ago that I was admitted to the PhD programme for HDLT at HGSE, and co

I am shitting my pants guys. I think I will need professional help if I get rejected. HGSE has been a dream for 5 years. 

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@NativeEd I am a student currently at Harvard and I have several friends who work in HGSE. Last year one of them was very helpful in letting me know certain dates and timeframes - they sent out invitations in mid January last year, so a little later than now. I just saw that friend last week, aside from Harvard being closed last week, the meetings for PhD apps have been going on and on the appropriate faculty's schedules and whatnot. They do meet almost weekly around this time. Hope that little bit helps!

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@NativeEd I was wondering about this too! It looks from previous years like they go out on various dates between the middle and end of January, so I think I will hold out until Jan 31st and if I haven't heard I will assume I'm not in! I've been visiting this thread pretty much daily to see if anyone else has posted about PhD applications, so I'm glad I'm not alone. With a few weeks having passed since applications were due, how do you feel about yours? 

@jmaroon thanks for the insider info!! I recognise your name from last year's thread (not that I've read it millions of times or anything...), so I'm glad to see you're still around to help, and any info you have is much appreciated :)

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@jmaroon just the person I was hoping would respond :lol: thanks for the info. Glad to know you landed at Harvard!

@imagical last year notification went out on the third Thursday of January. That would be next week! I feel like I'm the best candidate I can be at this point. No regrets or what-ifs as far as the application is concerned. Fortunately I have been able to refrain from rehashing everything. Just trying to maintain balance during the waiting process. Other friends have gotten interviews for other programs, so I'm just sitting here as patiently as possible lol. 

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@NativeEd that's true! Wow, having initially felt as though there were a huge amount of time between submitting the application and hearing back, interview notification has rolled around quickly! I'm with you in terms of having no regrets about the application, and have adopted a pragmatic philosophy that if I get in, it would be a wonderful and magical opportunity, but if not I don't have to move 3000 miles across the Atlantic and leave all my friends and family! None of my friends are applying this year, which partially explains why I'm relying on this thread for comfort haha! One of my friends from school actually told me that pursuing a PhD at this point is not a great career move, and didn't understand why I would take 5 years out of being able to earn money just to study. The classic 'are you ever going to leave school?' line that people outside of academia don't seem to get -_-

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Program/Concentration: PhD HDLT and Masters Technology, Innovation, and Education
GRE Score: Low: V 153 Q 150 W 4.0
GPA: 3.33 undergrad / 4.0 grad / 3.87 Educational Specialist Degree
Work Experience: Opened a non-profit private school (1 year). Taught in bush Alaska in Native Villages of less than 100 people with plane only access (2 years). Designed and taught undergraduate ESL course.
Undergrad/Grad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): No-name for undergrad. Western Governors (Masters in Curriculum development). American College of Education (For ED.S. in Leadership and Cognitive Science)
Research Experience: Undergrad Research Assistantship (1st place Research and Creative Works Competition). M.S. Thesis on Classroom Gamification. Working with a professor on Teacher Adaptability.
LoR/SoP: 1 from professor I opened the private school with. 1 from the professor I designed ESL courses with. 1 from the professor I am working on Teacher Adaptability research with.  In the SOP I talk about human motivation which I am interested in researching, making research accessible for teachers,  reference professors I want to work with and discuss their work and how I fit. 
What Other Schools Are You Applying To: Boston College, George Mason University, UPenn

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On 10/26/2017 at 10:46 AM, Sandoz96 said:

Hi Everyone, 

I have been planing to apply to HGSE since my first year of college.  I am currently in a unique situation where I was able to graduate college in 3 years, and do a master degree in one year from the same Institution.  I am still really young, but have many years of experience, and by the age of 21 I will have completed a B.A and M.A. 

Program/Concentration: Education Policy and Management Masters Program
GRE Score: (Low unfortunately, I just never do well on standardized test) V: 151 Q:144 AWA: (Still Waiting...)
GPA: B.A (International Development: Concentration in Education, and Refugee and Migration Studies) Undergrad- 3.8 Summa Cum Laude / M.A (Master of Arts of Teaching): Grad- 4.0 Currently (will have completed degree by May 2018)


Undergrad/Grad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): Private (Only Teacher Education program to be approved with High Distinction by the Mass Dept. of Education) 
LoR/SoP: One Letter from a Professor from my Undegrad, who was a professor at HGSE, One from my Boss who is an Alum of the EPM Ed.M Program at HGSE, and another from one of my Grad school Professors.   
What Other Schools Are You Applying To: Penn GSE, and Boston College Lynch School of Education


WIth a masters already, you have a higher chance even with the low GRE scores. I have half a doctorate at 25 and am applying to the PhD program. 

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On 1/4/2018 at 3:11 PM, tiehopeful said:

I've been lurking for a while, and I figured I might as well add my stats as well! 

Program/Concentration: TIE (I've only seen like one of y'all, so if anyone else out there is applying, let me know!)

GRE Score: Taking it in a few days, but my prediction is V: 162 Q: 161 AWA: 4.5

GPA: 3.21 (I explained the rollercoaster that was my time in undergrad in my additional info, so hopefully it'll be enough)

Work Experience: Second year TFA, currently do remote work for an edTech company

Undergrad/Grad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..):  Private Top 50

Research Experience: none. like literally 0. 

LoR/SoP: LoR- 1 from TFA, 1 from my principal, and 1 from the tech company I work for; SoP: I teach at a high poverty school in Silicon Valley. I focused on the disparities between my classroom and Silicon Valley/ what I've personally done to address them.

What Other Schools Are You Applying To: Stanford and Columbia!

I am TIE hopeful as well. I haven't seen a whole lot of TIE applicants. What remote work do you do? I would love to get involved in EdTech.

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@imagical I will be sure to post here if I find out any additional info or private message you! Good luck.

@NativeEd I applied to special studies at HGSE last year and didn't make it in there, but due to my cross-discipline interest in education/personal development/crisis management I also applied to 2 additional harvard grad programs and ended in grad school. Still get to take HGSE classes so it's a win-win. Best of luck to you.

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17 hours ago, tiehopeful said:

@Andrew_Doane I train teachers on how to use the program and make data-based interventions based on the students' performance on the program. It's a really cool job with a great company (that has 2 TIE alum at it!) 

And edTech is such a fun field!

Tell me more! I have done little in the way of EdTech, but know it has the potential for major entrepreneurship and change within the educational system. I want to be a part of that. What company do you work for?

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6 hours ago, Seattle Gal said:

Hi all! Have any Ph.D. app folks heard anything, or does anyone know about Ph.D interview timing? Please post if/when you have any info this week or next. Trying to distract myself but the waiting is tough! Best of luck to everyone! :) 

Nothing yet. 

I looked back on old gradcafe forums, though, and it looks like those of us who are lucky enough to land one can expect to hear about interviews sometime between this Friday (19th) and next Friday (26th). 

Same, though. The waiting is killing me and I just have no idea if I'm a really qualified applicant. 

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Hello everyone! I'll throw my hat in the ring. Curious to hear others' opinions on the likelihood of HGSE admittance.

Age: 31

Program/Concentration: Master of Education, TEP (History 5-12 strand)
GRE Score: V 161, Q 146, AWA: 4.0
GPA: 3.57 undergrad (last 2 years – 3.88) / 2.3 grad GPA (abortive 1-yr stint at law school back in 2009)
Work Experience: 2009-2011- taught English in China. 2011-2013 - worked in business development at a Chinese Edtech firm. 2013-2016 - Worked at Facebook HQ on a strategy team doing business development-type work. 2016-2017- Worked at Udacity, one of the founding sales team members and closed the first B2B deal in company history. 2017-present - sales director at a software company.
Undergrad/Grad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): top 25 US Public University undergrad / fringe T2 law school during abortive law school year
LoR/SoP: 1 from my VP at Facebook, 1 from my VP at Udacity, and 1 from an old and esteemed undergrad professor back in 2008 who supervised my senior thesis
What Other Schools Are You Applying To: TC, Berkeley, Stanford, USC

I work 60+ hr weeks and took the GRE completely cold. I'm worried about my quant score and year of law school. For the former, I'd posit my work experience should overcome that. For the latter, perhaps youthful folly? lol. I got out when I lost my scholarship. In hindsight that was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me.

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Hi all!

For folks who applied to the PhD program, my guess is that we'll hear back (or not) some time this weekend about interviews... the past four years, interview notices have gone out before Spring classes begin. This year Spring classes start on the 22nd! Yeeks!

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12 minutes ago, highered01 said:

Posted in the Results: 

Harvard GSE    (Education), PhD (F18)    

Interview via E-mail on 18 Jan 2018 

No comment or statistics included.


Harvard GSE    Education, PhD (F18)    

Interview via E-mail on 18 Jan 2018 ♦

V/Q/W: 165, 155, 4.50


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I'm on mobile so apologies if this has been posted. I heard from my HGSE friend that some interviews are going out today. Notifications all go out individually not in a mass form, so it's possible someone will hear hours before another person gets an invite!

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