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Scandinavian Art

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Hey guys!


I'm running into a bit of a problem coming up with my list of schools to apply for, mostly because my proposed research is extremely niche. 

I am super interested in studying Norwegian Art (or if that's too specific, Scandinavian Art) and why it is seemingly absent from the canon of art we look at in America. I'm having a hard time coming up with programs though!

I heard that George Washington has a professor who specializes in 19th century Scandinavian Art, but I cannot find any information about whom this dream professor actually is.

Another consideration: Would I be better off to just pursue a PhD in Scandinavian Studies, with a focus on Art History? I kind of would prefer to do a PhD in Art History so that I could work in the museum world, but if my prospects are better in Scandinavian Studies programs, I'd definitely consider them. (also if you know of any funded programs in Norway, that would be pretty awesome too, but I realize this is unlikely).

Any tips would be welcomed! Thanks!

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Hi there! I can't be super helpful about Scandinavian art historians without further research, but I did notice George Washington only has BA and MA programs in art history (you mentioned PhD programs in your post, so I assume you're not looking for a master's program). 

Is it possible the professor you mentioned is Barbara von Barghahn?

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You can study Scandinavian art with a scholar with another area of specialization, with an historian of French or German art, for example. In fact, it might be a good idea. No one will want to hire someone who can only teach Scandinavian art, so studying with someone not in this niche specialty would give you more cred on the job market. I would suggest that you consider which 19th century scholars you admire most and write to them to inquire whether they would advise a thesis on Scandinavian art. When you get to the dissertation stage, you can make contacts with Norwegian scholars who could help mentor you and offer the kind of expertise you would need.

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