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MFA 2018 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!

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Got a phone call from SAIC today with an offer of acceptance into the ceramics program.

Hello All!  Since we're inching towards the end of this journey, I thought I'd share a tiny anecdote. I never went to art school and have been following this community for two years, hoping to apply

well guys I wanted to tell you thanks for all the support it has been such a great thing to have this forum during admissions period! I have rejected all other offers and will be attending Hunter in t

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Did any of y'all who got into MICA have interviews, and if so, when? I had one Sunday for photography and electronic media and thought it went well, and I'm expecting to hear back by the end of the week . . .

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Applied to the following: 

Parsons (Industrial Design) - Haven't heard back

RISD (Industrial Design) - Completed questionnaire, got an interview call tomorrow - wish me luck!!

UMich (Integrative Design) - Interview + Post Interview Reflection complete - awaiting decision

UIllinois (Industrial Design) - Accepted with Assistantship (100% Tuition + Stipend)

Royal College of Art (Global Innovation Design) - Haven't heard back

USC (Design) - Haven't heard back

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19 hours ago, calgone22 said:

Has anyone other than @frannygw who interviewed heard from Mount Royal? I haven't and am now freaking out/feeling unpleasant. 

Also, rejected from Carnegie Mellon today. Not surprised based on my performance during the interview. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

hang in there!

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40 minutes ago, cklos said:

Has anyone heard from SVA (Photo, Video, & Related Media) or MassArt (Photo)? Starting to lose hope here...

Hey, I have an interview there at MassArt end of the month, so looks like it may be April before they send out decisions.

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6 hours ago, Rennnnn said:

For those of you who are worried about Hunter interviews, I just had mine through Skype. The faculties are super nice and patient. They are very willing to answer any quesitons you have. I was asked few questions during the interview:

talk about your works in general, and then talk about two specific works

the book you are reading

artists you like

why Hunter

How do you want your work to develop

exhibitions you like recently

Lastly, Q&A

I feel like just be youself, and be confident. It will be fine. Good luck to everyone!

Hey renn! Who interviewed you ?? 

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5 hours ago, Makerak said:

Accepted to SVA for mfa fine arts. Also got excellent funding for SAIC and possibly more funding to come.

Downside is SAIC wants an answer by Mar 15th but it looks very likely Im heading to SAIC XD

Hi Makerak, Did you already have a interview for SVA fine arts? Do you mind share your interview experience? Mine is coming up this weekend, and I am quite nervous since I didn't impressed SAIC during the interview. Congrats on your SAIC acceptance and decent funding!

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I applied to four schools for drawing and painting this year and so far my email has been silence from the programs I've applied.

I saw a few people got interviews from SAIC painting a month ago, but I got non:blink:. Does the date I submitted my application matters regarding early or late I receive the result? I submitted my application near the deadline, fortunately in time.

For people who received direct emails from school, do they send the email through the same account that they use to send ads or a different account? I'm wondering whether or not I blocked their ads or not:unsure:, and I certainly don't want to block any information regarding my application, lol.

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1 hour ago, Rennnnn said:

Joel (painting) and Jeffery (sculpture)interviewed me. 

hmmm I'm getting susan crile and nari ward... I was wondering if they were all the same but I guess not 

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