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MFA 2018 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!

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Got a phone call from SAIC today with an offer of acceptance into the ceramics program.

Hello All!  Since we're inching towards the end of this journey, I thought I'd share a tiny anecdote. I never went to art school and have been following this community for two years, hoping to apply

well guys I wanted to tell you thanks for all the support it has been such a great thing to have this forum during admissions period! I have rejected all other offers and will be attending Hunter in t

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13 hours ago, Aby said:

Hey congratulations on your acceptances so far!
Just curious.. Did you apply SVA for Design (major)? If so, may I ask how you were notified? I'm still waiting to hear back from them and I'm soo nervous :wacko:

Yes. I applied for SVA MFA Design. I got an email requesting an interview around Feb 20 and I had my interview done in person on Feb 22. I got the offer on March 1st. I can't really decide between these schools. Personally, I am leaning more towards SVA because of its location and faculty. Do you have any suggestions? Which program would you prefer and why? Thanks!!

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For all of you who are still waiting to find their MFA home...

"Many programs have acceptance rates of 1 to 2 percent, making them as selective as the country’s best medical schools and considerably more selective than top law schools, Ivy League colleges, and Harvard’s graduate school. Nearly 80 of the 148 full-residency M.F.A. programs in America have acceptance rates of 20 percent or less; rates under 10 percent are more common among programs that fund their students."


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Hi all, 

Are there any Columbia vs. SUNY Purchase painters out there? I got an acceptance call from Faye Hirsch yesterday from SUNY, but I’m still waiting on Columbia after an interview. Faye said I have to commit by the end of this week. Any advice? Is it inappropriate to call one of the professors on my Columbia panel? Contacts in the office have been pretty stern with “decisions at the end of the month,” so I don’t know what to do ??????????

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17 hours ago, charoarte said:

I honestly had an amazing interview (though short) they didn’t ask too much and I just felt great talking about my work. I also feel like I would really fit into the program I loved the atmosphere, and the laid back aspect really relaxed me during open studios .. I was kinda freaking out before hand!!! Idk about funding.. I just found out I got free tuition and a 30,000/year stipend award for university of Delaware it’s insane.....  too many options now.. though hunter seems to be n 1... I was told that half or a quarter of interviewers get in so that’s a little scary 


at at the same time I’m very self driven, the studio space at hunter is beautiful! And working with such great faculty who are actually working artists is great.  We are artist,  most of the teaching we do it ourselves you know?  


I did smell weed in some studios and vomit in the girls bathroom open studio night but it’s kinda hilarious ? definitely my fit .. it’s important to have fun 

30K stipend from Delaware Wow! God I wish I applied there!

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13 hours ago, VitaminPme said:

Congratulations!  I interviewed with Pratt today and think it went well.  Hoping for a similar offer.

So excited to hear they got back to you with an acceptance offer so quickly, can't wait for the pain of waiting to be finally over!

thanks! good luck to you!

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19 hours ago, AngryHarold said:

Received a phone call from Pratt today (only three days after the interview!). Accepted with about a half-ride. I'm a little unclear about the exact tuition amount, as Pratt's site is a little hard to navigate, but the offer is about half from what I can tell.

I think this is probably where I will end up (if I can swing it), as it sounds perfect for me. The interview went really well and the faculty that interviewed were personable and enthusiastic. I want to start integrating 3D Printing/Scanning/Photogrammetry into my work, and they encourage you to take courses on this stuff while you're there. 

My RISD interview is tomorrow, which I hope goes as well as Pratt's. Ended up having to cancel my trip to Providence due to the weather, so I'm doing it via Skype.

When I'm done with all of this, I'm going to post a list of interview questions I found from a post on here a few years back and add some other questions I was asked through this process.


Tuition And fees really comes out to about 68k / year. A few grand less if you can afford New York rent, supplies, and transportation out of pocket.If you haven't been given an official scholarship fin-aid paper be careful. What I was told contrasted to what was on paper....was given about a 10th of the cost lol.

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50 minutes ago, sunflowerpower said:

Tuition And fees really comes out to about 68k / year. A few grand less if you can afford New York rent, supplies, and transportation out of pocket.If you haven't been given an official scholarship fin-aid paper be careful. What I was told contrasted to what was on paper....was given about a 10th of the cost lol.

alright, good to know. they told me 40,000 specifically, so then that's less than what i was expecting. i'm still going to try to make it work, but it's going to be tough.

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22 hours ago, fayfay said:

I applied for MFA Graphic Design programs. Anyone with me? Did anyone receive interview request from RISD for GD program? I emailed RISD and they say the result will be out on March 24th but I still haven't heard from them about the interview... Is there still a hope??:unsure:

RISD-??? (losing hope)

Yale- Rejected

SVA- Accepted!!

MICA- Accepted

Pratt- Accepted! with $30,000 scholarship

Art Center- Accepted

Calarts- Interviewed, waiting for result


Also, Guys, any suggestions on choosing between these schools??  Thanks in advance!!


Hey same here, I didn't receive anything from RISD( not even interview at this point)  losing hope too. Did you apply for 2yr or 3yr GD (mine is 2yr)?  Congratulations on all the acceptance. I think it definitely depends on which city you want to start your career and what is your design focus. I got ACCD, SVA, SAIC and MIT. Going for SAIC because of the fine arts aspect and scholarship. If you're considering practical/commercial training either Art Center or SVA. But if Calarts and RISD replied you, I'd say these schools are just so amazing. Good luck.  

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Looks like Alfred/Düsseldorf has made their decision.  I wish them luck with their new MFA painting program journey. It should be amazing for those who got accepted. 

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17 hours ago, Rita Benissan said:

I have an interview with them on Wednesday, so hopefully I get to hear back from them as quickly as you all

Good luck! 

They are really friendly and are not trying to grill you.  Think they just want to get to know you and get a sense of whether you are a good fit for the program.

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