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SSHRC Doctoral Award/CGS (funding for 2018-2019)

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I just want to send out some good vibes to everyone participating in this forum. I found this thread extremely supportive in such an emotionally charged time. So thank you to all of you! To those

On a related note: I find that practice in poor taste. Emailing successful candidates ahead of time is poor decorum. Maybe that is just me, but doesn't feel right. All final applicants should rec

Hey all - my partner just called me to let me know that my letter arrived in the mail today (I'm at the University of Ottawa, living in Ottawa, which is likely why it came so fast). I got the two-year

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7 hours ago, UnlikelyGrad4 said:

Hi all, again - This is somewhat related to scholarships:

Does anyone know if you can leverage your doctoral awards to gain acceptance into a phd program you haven't applied for? Or is it generally the practice that once applications are closed, they're closed. 

Thanks in advance!

I tried to use both the Masters and doctoral SSHRC awards I won into acceptances. It worked for the Masters program, but didn't work a few years later with the doctoral award. It really depends on the program. 

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On ‎4‎/‎28‎/‎2018 at 8:12 PM, NFreckle said:

For all those waiting impatiently until Monday for your school to get back to you...

Be comforted by the knowledge that at least you're not a direct applicant in the US who a) cannot be put out of her misery by a scholarships office with advance notice, AND b) has to wait extra long for international mail to arrive.


Hey, me too!! At least we have Saturday post?

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1 hour ago, BibliophileSW said:

Is anyone expecting to get their letters today in the post? Or is Tuesday more realistic? (Toronto)

I think Thursday or Friday would be more realistic. I was creeping on last year's SSHRC thread and it seemed like Toronto got their letters last (weirdly enough). 

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If you're at Dalhousie you might email FGS Scholarships Liaison Officer Email Account for your results. I emailed this morning and was promptly notified that I was awarded the Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship. I'm super pumped!  Congrats to all who were successful. Also, to those who weren't - I struck out on every app for last year's funding season. I beefed up my pubs (1 first author, 2 coauthor) and conferences (pres and posters) and was successful in all of my apps thus far. 

Best of luck to everyone!

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Hi all,

longtime lurker of this thread. Thought I’d provide an update. 

I received two emails from York University this morning (one from FGS one from the financial officer) informing me I had been successful in receiving a SSHRC doctoral award.  

I haven’t received anything in the mail yet. Take that for what it’s worth!

Good luck to everyone. I was unsuccessful last year (sent to the national competition) so I know this is a gruelling and sometimes devastating process. 

All best!

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6 minutes ago, MightyQuinn said:

Same, just heard back from UofT and was also waitlisted. 

I'm seeing from previous posters that it's very unlikely to get off waitlist, as people have been waitlisted several years in a row. :(

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1 hour ago, ButterTurtle said:

Who did you get an email from Kraven?? Did you e-mail first or did they just send you one? I didn't get any e-mails this morning. I hope that is not a bad sign =(

They emailed me this morning 



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