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Hi everyone,

So, I have been working in this SOP for the Rutgers Sociology program, I would like to receive some feedback. I wonder if I'm focusing too much on specific details about my research interests and missing the whole picture. Btw, I still have to work on a closing paragraph.

Thanks for your help! Let me know how I can retribute the favor.




SOP- Rutgers University.docx

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While these samples are for anthropology, not sociology, you might still find it useful to read through for examples on how to organize a statement of purpose. A few thoughts:

1. Forefront your future dissertation research. Your introduction paragraph should give the reader a good understanding of the kind of research that you want to do, the methods you might employ, and why your topic is important. Why is the intersection of work/labor, gender, and mental health an interesting area of inquiry? 

2. I wouldn't bash your undergrad education. Try to spin everything positively. Instead of stressing your dissatisfaction, say something like, "My undergraduate training in psychology at the University of X gave me the opportunity to become acquainted with A, B, C and furthered my interest in Z and Y. In order to strengthen my academic training and gain international experience, I continued my studies at University blah blah.." That you worked and saved up for two years to fund your grad studies is irrelevant, unless this work experience somehow contributed to your research trajectory (e.g. "After graduating from University of X with honors, I worked for two years as a health professional at Y hospital, an experience that furthered my interest in the intersection of gendered labor and mental health.")

3. You're changing fields from psychology to sociology. Why? This should be addressed. Why do you want to pursue a sociological line of inquiry instead of a psychological one? There's also very little in this statement that indicates that you understand the differences between the two fields, or how you might use your training in psychology to further an innovative interdisciplinary project in the field of sociology.

Hope this helps.

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