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UT austin MSBA application deadline


Hello, all, 

so I'm interested in applying for ut-Austin MSBA program, and on their website, it says that

The Texas MSBA program enrolls one class per year, in the summer semester only. The application for the Class of 2019 will open August 1, 2017.

Round 1: October 16, 2017
Round 2: January 8, 2018 (Final deadline for international applicants)
Round 3: March 19, 2018 
Round 4: May 1, 2018 

This program starts from Summer - Fall - Spring. (10month) 

Is that mean that If I want to start in 2019 Summer (graduating 2019 Spring), I will have to apply before May 1, 2018?


That's one year before the program start.... so it confuses me. 

Also, do yall have any comments or ideas about this business analytics program? 

Thank you so much. I'm new to the forum, sorry if I made any mistake.

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Based on your description, yes, you would need to apply by May 1st. It appears that they have a rolling deadline which means it is most likely in your best interest to apply as soon as possible (if they have a set number of spots, getting an admission might get harder the later it gets).

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You will have to apply by May 1st 2019 if you are a domestic applicant and before January 8th 2019 if you are an international student. Masters of Business Analytics programs are popping up at many business schools because the skillset taught in these programs are in high demand. It kind of mirrors the sudden upsurge that we saw with financial engineering programs during the last 15 years. The key to getting into these programs is to have a great quant profile and a solid career outlook. If at all possible, you should get at least some internship experience or partner with a professor to help them with their research. - Admissions Track 

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