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Hertie School of Governance 2018

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Can we all talk more on here because seeing other people dying from the suspense is giving me warm, fuzzy feelings in my stomach where it would otherwise be churning because of this ordeal

I've called and spoken to the University and they have informed me we should hear back by the end of the week or next week. 

Good god, getting back to us next week would literally be pushing it on the upper end of "early December". 

1 hour ago, Jonas Borini said:
  • "

    Thank you for your email!
    That´s correct, all applicants will be informed via email.
    We aim to have all decision results sent out by the end of the week.

    If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us,

    Best regards,


Thanks for sharing, mate! I will be checking my emails every 30 minutes today ;)

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18 minutes ago, Pub´n Policy said:

Amazing news, everyone: I just refreshed the application website and my new status on there is "Accepted" :)

If I am at all able to fund it, I will definitely go to Hertie as it is clearly my first choice! How did it go for you?

Congratulations!!! We got one through the door y’all!!! Come on, come on, come on

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38 minutes ago, Jonas Borini said:

Hey guys,

Mine shows "accepted" as well. Which is great.

However, there's still the scholarship acceptance. Please if anyone hears back on the scholarship keep us posted.


Congrats to you both!!! did you guys receive emails? 

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6 minutes ago, htlbp said:

Could I ask if you applied to MPP or a different programme? Perhaps they are only releasing results for certain programmes today? 

MPP, Helmut Schmidt hopeful candidate here!

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30 minutes ago, Jonas Borini said:

5pm in Berlin.

Hopes for getting email responses today are quickly fading.


Yep, looks like they're closed now. I'm obviously happy about the "Accepted" in the portal, but still a tiny bit paranoid that it was a fluke or something without the official confirmation. Hopefully Monday we'll get some more info. Congrats/good luck to everyone!

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