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Vicki just emailed me this morning, and I finally got off of the waitlist at U of A today  ?  

Hello SLP friends, I've been reading through these forums for about 3 years now. Like many of you, SLP is my passion. Not a day has gone by that I haven't thought of SLP. I view all of my work, l

Just got an offer of admission to the U of A! I am SUPER relieved after hearing other people get in nearly a month ago. I will definitely be accepting!

25 minutes ago, cait2018 said:

@PhonologyFiend I just turned down my acceptance so that should open up a waitlist spot. Best of luck! :)

Where did you end up accepting if you don't mind me asking? :) Congrats on your acceptances!



On 4/15/2018 at 9:08 AM, PhonologyFiend said:

Hi everyone!

Wondering if anyone who has been waitlisted at Western has received an offer of acceptance.  I provisionally accepted U of T but would love to attend Western if they call. :rolleyes:


27 minutes ago, BE12 said:

Has anyone been accepted off the waiting list yet? for Ontario schools 


The deadline to accept an offer from Ontario schools is tomorrow. They should probably start calling soon after that! 

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1 hour ago, lufa said:

Hi! Anyone on the Ottawa waitlist got a call to email? Has there been any kind of movement? Thanks!

I am also anxiously waiting to hear back from Ottawa as well! I don't know of any of the stats of when we can expect to hear back

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On 2018-04-04 at 10:05 AM, SpeechiePeachie said:

Congrats to everyone who got accepted!!

I personally got accepted to McMaster, waitlisted at Western and rejected at UofT (my #1 choice unfortunately). 

Anyone else got accepted to Mac? Is there a FB group that we can join to talk about our experiences, important info, networking, etc?

I will also be attending Mac! Should I start a FB group for us? I'm mostly concerned about what everyone is doing for housing since Im not from the area. As far as I know there will only be 28 of us :) 

Edit: I actually need the facebook name of one other person to start to group lol. Maybe pm me your name and we can start it!

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