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Profile Evaluation (PhD - Mechanical: Two Phase Flows) Fall 2018

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Hi all,

I am looking to do Ph.D. in Two-phase flows (Mechanical Engg.).I would really appreciate any feedback regarding my profile and how I can improve my choices.

Major concerns: 

Based on my interactions with the professors and some of my seniors, I think my profile is decent for Ph.D. application (Please correct me if wrong, all suggestions are welcome)

However, I am concerned about my CGPA, GRE (Verbal and AWA marks) and especially TOEFL (especially speaking)

I have gone through the universities mentioned in my list (feel free to suggest changes in it) but I have not really found a clear-cut demarcation for these scores.

What do you think? 

Aim:  Get a fully-funded Ph.D. admit. 


My CV is attached with this thread. Please go through it, if required. A brief outline is:

Current University: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Major: Thermal Engineering

CGPA: 8.98/10 (not converted)

GRE: Q/V/A: 167/153/4

Toefl: Waiting for results, expecting around 20 in speaking 

Publications: 2 published, 2 under review and 2 in preparation (Journal) & 16 peer-reviewed conference papers/presentations.

All journals are medium to top tier in my field (current RG score with 2 publications 4.65)

Tentative schools I am applying to: (in the order of priority) 

1. MIT (have not contacted anyone yet)

2. Princeton (positive reply from a professor)

3. University of Wisconsin Madison (okay reply from a professor)

4. Brown University (okay reply from a professor)

5. Imperial College London

6. Cornell

7. John Hopkins

8. University of Maryland


I am open to any comments/suggestions/critiques about the list or my profile. 

More details at: https://sites.google.com/view/vatsalsanjay


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forgot to mention the term applying for.
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IF we don't get a positive reply from a professor from a university we intend to apply later, does that mean we need not to apply there as it might be difficult to secure grant for Phd there

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