Am I aiming too high?

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I'm a student in a top ranked institution in the UK, applying for synthetic organic chemistry PhD in the US. I am aiming high - I was planning to apply to MIT, Harvard, Scripps, Caltech, Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley. However, I am not sure given my background, if this is aiming too high.

Research wise, I've done two summers and I am currently completing my Masters year (full-time research). All my projects have been relevant to my interests and have been in synthetic organic chemistry. Unfortunately, none of my projects have resulted in publications, mostly because I have been the first person on each project, meaning I've been getting it off the ground. I think my work could be published in the future, but not until after the admissions cycle. I have three recommendation letters from organic chemists, one of which is very well-known with a lot of connections. I'm in approximately the top 15% of my year for Chemistry. I got 167/161/4.5 on the general GRE and I'm waiting for my chemistry GRE score, but I'm hoping >90%.

Do I have a chance of getting an offer from one of the institutions I listed?



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