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A few questions I had regarding choosing streams in MPH and how to word it in my SOP

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I have currently started working on my statement for MPH and while English is not my first language, I'd like to think I have a decent grasp of the language. I'll primarily be applying to Canadian universities and was wondering how I'm supposed to write which streams of mph I want to study in. For example, in the University of Alberta program, they offer several streams such as Epidem, Health Policy and Management, Environmental etc. I want to mention in my statement that I primarily want to study in epi, however wouldn't mind if I got chosen for Health Management either.

Now this might sound stupid, but I'm from Bangladesh and have never worked on applying to a university before. I'm assuming I need to select a particular stream which I want to study in and write about it in my statement? I want to write down other streams as a Plan B in case they don't have any more seats in the stream I want. I'm just curious as to how I'm supposed to word it properly. I'm interested in multiple streams with more emphasis on a few particular ones which interests me. 

On a side note, I'm writing down some fieldwork and volunteer work which I've done here in Bangladesh but that got me thinking. I'm writing down my experiences but have no proof of what I did. How will the University know I'm telling the truth and not just making up false information just to beef up my chances? The information will be written in my CV as well and I'll write down my references as well but even then, is that viable enough?

Any feedback would be appreciated to this foreigner!

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I can't remember that UAlberta's policy is, but most Canadian schools only let you apply to one stream. If you're not accepted into that stream, then they don't consider you for another stream (unless there's some kind of exceptional circumstance). I would just stick to the stream of your choice. If you really want to include both, I wouldn't state that you want to be considered for both; again, pick Epi, and then indirectly talk about how you want to use your epidemiology skills to inform health policy, or something. 

Volunteering is great! Talk about your experiences in your statement, and your CV, but be prepared that they might ask you for proof later on down the road, if they somehow feel suspicious about it. Then you would need to track down a manager or someone from the organization to speak on your behalf. 

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