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PhD a mistake?? post bacc-->medschool?

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I'm a first year psychology graduate student (specializing in cognitive neuroscience) at a pretty good grad school. I'm only a couple months in and I'm panicking- I wasn't 100% sure about grad school when I entered and now I feel even worse. I don't feel motivated/interested in the research I'm doing and now I'm thinking I should pursue a post-bacc to be pre med (which I have been considering for about two years). But my friends and family say I should give it a little time to figure out what I want to research, etc. 

 I'm 22, and people say that I just need time to figure it out, but I'm worried that after 5 years of a PhD program, I'm not going to be happy with a job in academia (if I get one.. and that's a big if). 
I've been thinking about applying to post bacc programs -- which would be roughly 2 years plus 4 years of med school (plus residency, etc). Or, I could wait until I get my master's, which would delay it another year. Would this be worth it?? Or should I just forget about this and stay in my program?

In short, I have NO idea what to do. Help!

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Man, this is an old post, and I imagine you've probably figured it out.  But, just in case: What is it that you want to do exactly? 


Personally, I found that taking a few years off and being a not-in-school adult helped cement to me what I wanted to do, and what I wanted my life to look like.  If I were in your shoes, I might try to stop with the master's now, and then figure stuff out.  If you want to get a job, it'll be easier with a master's.  If you want to keep going into a PhD or MD program, you'd probably get into a better one, easier, since you've shown aptitude.  Finally, a PhD program would also be easier to get into.

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