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MPP Berkeley online admission system closed earlier?

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Hello guys, I am freaking out because Berkeley's MPP deadline was supposed to be at 8:59 PM PST in the 1st of December, but the system does not let me submit my application, although it is 2:40 AM PST of the same day.

Anybody having the same issue? Thank you.

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Same mate. I'm applying to Computational Biology - same deadline as yours. I've sent an email to my course's admission director. I'll ring the admission team at 9:00. Thank heavens that you posted this. I was freaking out too. I'm pretty certain we're in the right here. 

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I want to add that I am having the same issue for the economics application. I tested the system a bit and tried making applications for other December 1st and December 15th application deadline programs. All of the December 1st programs had this error arise, while the 15th applications would let me submit. So it seems a system-wide problem, and the admissions office should be getting enough response from applicants to try and fix this quickly.


Update: Almost immediately after I made this post I tried submitting again as was able to do so. You should check to see if the error has gone away on your application as well. Good luck!

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