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Jobs for philosophy majors

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@ItALOYou're wondering about job opportunities for someone with a BA in philosophy? This sub-forum is oriented to people who are applying to graduate programs in philosophy, so it may not be the best place to find answers to your question. You may want to look here for more answers. That being said, a BA in philosophy can take you just about anywhere, if you're willing to supplement your degree with other specialized skills, education, or experience. Before I went to grad school in philosophy, I worked in education, fine dining, and as a web developer. I have friends who studied philosophy who went on to law school and medical school. Another friend is now a financial planner. I think philosophy is particularly well-suited to areas of tech such as programming or networking, and to fields like law, which require critical thinking and writing skills. Really, though, it's up to you to figure out how you want to use it.

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Philosophy can be a good preparation for many kinds of things, but not a direct preparation for anything in particular besides graduate study and perhaps law. One option would be a university press. They definitely appreciate the writing and critical reasoning skills developed by philosophers, and as a philosophy major I presume you appreciate the written word. If so, check out the American Association of University Presses website for job postings. 

The tech sector needs people with hard skills in coding of course, but they also need support personnel who are personable and can learn quickly. Philosophers often have a knack for learning, and those jobs can have good pay and growth opportunities. 

University administration also tends not to discriminate by major. Check the postings at your school, especially in entry level postings in your college or in general offices like undergraduate admissions or scholarships and financial aid. 

Technical writing can also be a skill philosophers excel in. But anyway, philosophy is not a good major for getting a job. It does have the highest LSAT scores of any major, and also enjoys very high GRE scores. It's very much an academic program rather than a job prep major, for better or worse. Good luck in your job hunt!


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