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Tampa, FL

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1 hour ago, DJ3Sigma said:

Hello I may be going to Tampa for graduate school in the Fall and I was wondering if anyone  could provide me with an updated list of places to live and places to avoid? Also, any information on places with great food, and great all around vibes would be nice. I know some of the information is biased because everyone has different tastes but as my knowledge of Tampa is entirely based on one trip to Busch Gardens I would like any additional advice based on your experiences. If you need any help with some of your own things I have also lived in Miami and Gainesville so I know a bit about each region.

I have been at USF for almost four years as an undergrad. Many of the apartments surrounding campus are filled with undergraduate students. This means that many are rent per room, furnished, with wifi/cable/utilities included. There are a few places that have more graduate students/families near campus. I'm currently in Lakeview Oaks and I haven't had any problems. It's five minutes from campus, it isn't rent per room, and its gated. Tampa Palms is also a nice area northeast of campus about 15-20 minutes away. It's more of a suburb/family area. Two of my favorite food/drink places near campus are Kaleisia Tea Lounge and Mr. Dunderbak's Biergarten. I really love Tampa and I am sad to be leaving soon (moving to Orlando for grad school). 

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I just accepted my offer from USF for doctoral studies, so I thought I'd bump this thread--any recommendations on good places for single grad students? I'm especially interested in decent public transit and/or LGBTQ life access...

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